Variants and ways to get free spins at UK online casinos

An offer of a free spin or two is always attractive when you are gambling at an online casino. Gathering up those casino free spins can be lucrative, and there are so many variants on the classic free spins casino bonus with each variant offering you something new and exciting.

Know your variants: what kinds of free spin bonuses are out there?

There are three main types of free spin bonuses available at UK online casinos:

  • No deposit free spins: also known as no wager free spins, these are some of the most attractive casino bonuses around because they do not require gamblers to pay in any money.
  • Deposit based free spins: here, you will pay a certain deposit amount at a give casino (say, £25) and get a certain number of free spins credited to your account as a bonus. These types of bonuses are often offered by casinos as an incentive to try and lure gamblers in to placing deposits with them.
  • Free spins associated with VIP accounts: if you pay to open and maintain a VIP account with an online casino (or if you have been allowed a free trial of such an account), free spins may well be among the perks that you can enjoy as part of your VIP status.

The owners of the top online casinos are nothing if not inventive, so it is likely that new types of free spin bonuses will become available in the near future.

How can you get hold of free spins?

Now you know what types of free spin bonuses are waiting for you online, you are surely keen to know just where you can get your hands on them. A simple online search for ‘free spin bonuses‘ is usually the best way to find the latest bonuses, which you can then sift through to find the one that most appeals to you. It can also be worthwhile considering signing up for a VIP account with your favourite online casino if it offers free spins and if you think that the other benefits (which often include features such as quicker withdrawal times and larger deposit and withdrawal amounts) are worth it.

Watch out for this weird psychological effect of free spin bonuses

You may be wondering just why casinos are happy to dish out so many free spins – doesn’t it lose them money? Well, according to some studies into the psychology of online gambling, casinos may well not mind givinng out free spin bonuses because these bonuses actually help them to bring in revenue in two key ways. Firstly, free spin bonuses get gamblers hooked on a particular casino. If one of the requirements of the bonus is that a player places a certain minimum deposit, this immediately gives the casino a little extra money. Secondly, psychologists have found that gamblers tend to focus less and make less rational and lucrative choices when using free spin bonuses. This may well be because these spins do not feel so real or important to them because they were totally free. The result? Players are less likely to win when using a free spin bonus than when playing a spin that they paid for. Counteract this psychological effect by taking a deep breath, focusing, and thinking just as hard about your decisions when you use a free spin bonus as you would when engaging in any paid for gambling session.

Always check the terms and conditions of a free spin bonus

As we have written about at greater length in other articles, some free spin bonuses come with terms and conditions attached that can make them less attractive in the long run. For instance, they may require that you play a very high deposit, or they may require you to deposit extra money into your account with the casino before you can withdraw any winnings from your free spins. The bottom line is: always check the T&Cs before using a free spins casino bonus.

Give it a try!

Snap up some free spins bonuses today and have fun giving them a try! We wish you luck!