Picking the right game among the hundreds of online casino slots

Sometimes known as ‘one armed bandits’, slot machines have long been a regular feature of traditional pubs. Now, classic slot games can be played online, too. Online casino slots offer several enhanced features over and above what you might find in a land based casino or bar. How do you choose the slot game that is right for you? Consider the four points below.

House edge

In general, the payback rate of any slot game is around 99%, which means that the casino will scoop up a relatively small amount of the money ploughed in to these games. A house edge of 1% is pretty good: enough to keep the casino afloat, but also enough to entice players to keep on playing. Nevertheless, different slot games online will offer different house edges. Shop around and find out which casinos provide the best chance of a big win.


The graphics of modern online slots rtp make these games incredibly immersive. Many slot games online now have 3D style graphics that enable you to really feel that you are pulling that lever. If you want to experience a slot game that is surprising, versatile and enjoyable to play, then opt for one with attractive graphics. There is nothing like harsh, glaring colours or a poorly designed game to detract from the fun of the game. Some slot games are themed, too. Would you like to play your game in space? Or maybe you are attracted by the idea of online slots that involve elves, goblins and other magical creatures? No matter what themes you love, you can count on it that some top digital designers have applied them to slot machine games.

Bonus codes

All casino games are made better with a bonus, and the same goes for online slots rtp. Free spins, extra points, and higher amounts of prize money are just a few of the common bonuses that you can take advantage of if you keep those eagle eyes open for new bonuses at your favourite online casinos. Some codes have a time limit to them, so make sure to use them within the right time period. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that your bonus codes have expired.

Account options

Some gamblers prefer to have an enhanced experience, opting for VIP accounts wherever possible. If this is important to you, then ensure that you check out whether or not the online casino that you are thinking of playing on offers a VIP option. Please note that usually you will need to pay in order to take advantage of VIP accounts.

Terms and conditions

Great graphics, an appealing house edge, and some fun bonus codes mean little if the casino in question is going to screw you over with its small print. For instance, are you required to accrue a ridiculously large amount of winnings before you are allowed to withdraw any money from your account? Maybe those withdrawals come with high commissions, or perhaps it takes far too long to process deposits and withdrawals. Make sure to read the small print of any slot machine based casino that you are thinking of playing at to ensure that you will not come up against a nasty surprise when you come to withdraw your winnings or apply those bonus codes.

Now you’re ready to go!

Run through the guide above as you consider your shortlist of casino slots online. Which casino best fulfils your needs, based on the criteria above? Go with that one! Happy playing.